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Become a Newkidz activist or volunteer at a makeover project. Share your skills to help with operations and initiatives. Adopt an Orphan and make a massive difference in the life of a child.

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Newkidz Teambuild
Thanks again for a greatly coordinated project at Bethesda Child & Youth Care Centre. Our team had a wonderful time doing the work. It was a real honour and a privilege to be a part of the makeover  
Ayanda , ENGEN
Thank you for affording us this opportunity ! everyone who was present had such an awesome time painting
Thobeka Linda , Metropolitan Life
Lewis is proud to be associated with an organisation that does such outstanding work in the community.

Sharon Rohm , Lewis Group
LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! WELL DONE. Keep us posted on new projects please.
Kim Kasselmann , Fortunate Foundation
I applaud you and your dedicated team for going beyond existing borders to enlighten the lives of others!
Julian Fredericks , Tourism, Events & Marketing, City of Cape Town
Thank YOU guys – you are really head and shoulders above any other offering out there in the market and I foresee doing much more projects with you in the future.
Corne Benson , Investec
Thank you very much for your professionalism and willing spirit. I am looking forward to working with you again in future.
Simphiwe Otto , GlaxoSmithKline S.A. (Pty) Ltd
Thank you once again for the work you do, making it possible for Companies like us to trust you in donating the stock to those in need.
Nesheen , Ackermans
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be part of this program. I found it fulfilling and honestly quite life-changing! I would love to be included in any further projects!
Luke Garrod, Leliebloem
We love to be part, of all your wonderful projects, thank you for involving us to something so important to you!! Thank you for everything you done, to help others.
Anthony, Millennium Floor Coverings
Uitstekend, baie dankie. In my opinie was dit ‘n suksesvolle spanbou aktiwiteit en ek sou dit graag weer doen
Willem , Propell
A great day all round. Thank you again to you and your team for a well organized day.
Brad , Woolworths
It pleases us, beyond words, to associate with a worthy cause as well as to be (in our small way) part of a team who GO THE DISTANCE. Very little “talk”, lots of “do”!
Simon Arcus, Waldo
Wow what an awesome experience to be part of the makeover!
Grant Clayton, RoofFIXA cc
Thank you for giving us this opportunity to try and make a difference in people’s lives. I could see that they really appreciate it. If there are future projects please don’t hesitate to contact me.
- Thaakiyah, Volunteer
It has been an immense pleasure working with you on yet another mammoth Extreme Makeover. We congratulate you for successfully pulling off such a massive task in just 3 days!
Heart 104.9FM, Media Partner
The experience was amazing, I found so much pleasure in knowing that my small contribution counted. I commend you on starting the project in the first place.
Liesl Olivier, Volunteer
This was my first time ever that I was involved in such a volunteer project and I truly enjoyed myself. Definitely something I see myself doing again, so please do not hesitate to contact me should you need some volunteer assistance again.
Elizabeth Sass, Volunteer
I surely hope we will be granted another opportunity to work together on a future project.
Allie Absalom , Woolworths -Central Finance None Trade Inventory
It is an absolute pleasure working with you and the Newkidz group as well Hilda. We are extremely please and grateful at the opportunity to work in our communities. The immediate reward just seeing the look on some faces is awesome!
Grant Clayton, Rooffixa
WOW! You guys rock! God is really blessing us in abundance. I must admit, we are all very emotional due to all the support. Thank you all for making this wish come true!
Liza Rossouw, Leliebloem
Thank you for always thinking of the foundation
Athlone , Good Hope Foundation
On behalf of Bethesda’s staff & children we thank you greatly for being part of our vision to provide holistic, compassionate and sustainable care that improves quality of life.
Madeleine Meyer , Bethesda’s Board
Thank you for making a difference to the ones who matter the most…… Our future.
Lee Goldschmidt , Volunteer
I can confirm that their events are always well co-ordinated and you will feel like you have made a small difference when you are only able to give a few hours of your time to such an initiative.
Melanie Holland , ENGEN
What a pleasure and privilege it was yesterday to work with you and your team. Learned so much. The passion and detail you put into your work – amazing. From the name tags for everyone to chocolates on the way out. Love it.[/testimonial

Beverley Hendricks , Fikelela Children's Home
thank you for the difference that you make.[/testimonial

Corne Benson , Investec
Thanks again for all your help and I’m also looking forward to a new adventure with you guys!

Jesse Laitinen , Khulisa Social Solutions SA
It was our pleasure to work with such a passionate group of people. We look forward to completing our report and getting it to you.
Joyannee and the X-MBA team
I think it is us who have give you the plaudits for the initiative take to launch this project and to assist us in waking up the people in the communities who perhaps don’t even know that we exist or what we do.
Eddie Cyster, Director at Heatherdale Children's Home
All thanks to you and your staff for the excellent work that you do to give all children’s homes the exposure we so desperately need!!!
Zulpha Buziek, Development Officer at SA Children's Home
We are so thankful and so proud of you all at Newkidz for making such a big success of this event and for walking the extra mile for all the children who needs that extra bit of love and care from other people! Thank you for always including us, it is truly appreciated!
Sydene Cloete, Manager at Masigcine Children's Home
Thank you so much for your efforts and those of your team! you are a real blessing to us all
Vaughan Stannard, Executive Director at Beautiful Gates
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of such a great project. We will always be willing to help were we can and would love to be part of your team on many upcoming projects. Thank you for what you and your team is doing for our community
Anthony Clark , Millennium Floor Coverings
I love my association with Newkidz and all the stand for.
Please be assured of my sincere commitment to the entire Newkidz Team
Theo le Roux, Mural Maniac
My kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and will certainly help out again. Keep up the great work.
Lindsay, (Rondebosch Boys Parent
Thank you so much for the lovely Certificate of Appreciation!I hope you presented yourself with one too for all the amazing work you do! Thank you!! Kyle thoroughly enjoyed his time at Newkidz and I am sure you will be seeing him again in the future.
Maxine Jackson , Rondebosch Boys Mom
Thank you for your note. I value that. I am a great fan of what you guys do and I wish you the very best for the future. Praying for your success.
Lorenzo A Davids , CEO Community Chest
Thank you so much for your efforts and those of your team!
As Eddie said – you are a real blessing to us all
Vaughan Stannard, Executive Director, Beautiful Gate
I think it is us who have give you the plaudits for the initiative take to launch this project and to assist us in waking up the people in the communities who perhaps don’t even know that we exist or what we do. I was really privileged to have spent some time at Tygervalley Centre on Saturday and really saw the enthusiasm of the people wanting to donate. Once again thank you for all your efforts, it is really appreciated
Eddie Cyster, Director, Heatherdale Children's Home
Thank you so much for making this possible! Each of my children received a brand new gift! They were elated!!! Each of my volunteers said that the experience was amazing! Thank you so much for the opportunity! Thank you for caring enough to give!
Alison Alexander, Rainbow House
Thank you so much for the opportunity to have been a part of the Mandela day campaign.

I handed out the presents to our younger kiddies yesterday and they were so happy.

I am planning on handing out the older kids’ presents as soon as we get the rest.

Jana Cilliers, Durbanville Kinderhuis
We are filled with excitement and thrills with the new face lift to our facility. Our kids are no more learning in a cold Wendy structure. The learning rooms are spacious and conducive to effective learning and child development. The staff and parents hearts are filled with pride.
Vicky Maliwa , Zanethemba Kidz Haven
Thank you so much for the last weekend and for the wonderful renovation that took place, we sincerely appreciate it.
Tammy van der Horst, Baphumelele Children's Home
Just to let you know we currently have about 15 soup kitchens under our wings with the help of Newkidz on the Block. What a blessing.

Cecil Isaacs , Jehova Jirah
I can assure you that the management and staff at Edge consider ourselves blessed and honoured to be able to contribute to the great work that you guys are doing.
Elizabeth Auret , Edge Investments
Just to let you know that we currently have about 15 soup kitchens under our wing. With the help of Newidz on the Block we can support them, what a blessing.

Cecil Isaacs, Jehovah Jirah
I know the donation from Ackermans is only a drop in the bucket, but we will keep on giving.
Santonet Nel, Ackermans
Namens Joostenberg Primêr wil ek baie dankie sê aan al die persone en u maatskappy vir die donasies aan ons skool.

Dit word opreg waardeer en aangewend vir die leer van ons kinders en die verfraaiing van ons skool.

Baie dankie, mag God u en u besigheid seën.

Mnr Cuan Bergstedt, Prinsipaal: Joostenberg Primêr