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Our Valuable Ambassadors

Saskia Falken – Market Intelligence and Strategy Manager GSB

“I think there is great power in a collective movement. When I look at all the work that we, as  South Africans still need to do to create a healthy society and identity then it’s easy to become overwhelmed at the mountain that we need to climb.

Our national self-esteem is in desperate need of repair and most of this impacts the most vulnerable, our children and most especially those who have little or no family.

That is why the work that Newkidz does is so important, helping to create a community around these kids that’s more like a family so they can be prepared to enter our society to help us with the big job that we have in front of us.

We all have a role to play and Newkidz gives me a space to be able to contribute to that movement”.

Raksha Gosai – Miss India SA – WP 2013

There are many reasons why we should all lend a hand to help orphans.  There are an estimated 3.7 million orphans in South Africa. Children for whatever reason are alone in this world. They have no-one to protect them, no-one to care for them…how can a child not lose hope in this situation? I want to be a ray of hope in their life, in whatever way I can!

I grew up in an environment where I was showered with love. I never missed anything. I cannot imagine life without my inspirational parents, and these children have no-one…I truly believe that there is no such thing as an unwanted child, just an unfound family.

Nicole Flint – Miss South Africa 2009

Coming from a loving family who have seen me through my life’s greatest challenges, I cannot imagine not having parents – it is the greatest blessing and I believe that every child in South Africa and the world deserves the care, protection and support of their very own family.

Newkidz is the type of organisation that makes this vision a reality on a daily basis by raising awareness through various outreach programs.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “be the change you want to see in the world”.  Through Newkidz we can be that change.

Kev Orkian, Comedian Extraordinaire.

Kev Orkian is a British-Armenian musician, comedian and actor born in London to Armenian parents. He has performed around the world from New York, Los Angeles and Toronto to Dubai, Oman and Australia. He booked an arena tour in South Africa in April performing to 6000 people per night, followed by a tour of the Middle East in late April. Kev Orkian headlined the South African Vodacom Funny Festival from the 10th June to the 7th July, he’s the first British comedian to headline three times. Kev explains why he choose to represent Newkidz as an ambassador:

“There are thousands of children with no Love, no Family and no Home, and only one hope…”Newkidz Charity”. A fantastic organisation set up to change the future. No matter how difficult the challenge, Newkidz will endeavour to bring those lost smiles back!”

View the Newkidz video he recorded while he toured S.A. in 2013 here.

Bronwyn Stassen – Miss Pre-Teen Queen of the Universe 2013/2014

“Do unto others as you’d like them to do to you.” This is my motto. As a 12 year old I have been exposed to people less fortunate than myself. Everything is possible through commitment, believing, hard work and taking action.

It really makes me sad when I see children roaming the streets during the day and night looking for a safe place to stay and something warm to eat. I believe that even children my age can stand together and help the young people of our community as we are the future of South Africa.
I aim to make a difference in my community this is why I decided to be part of the Newkidz on the Block to assist and help raise awareness through various programs and events.

It will make me happy to bring smiles to the children’s faces. Some thing’s may seem impossible until they are done. I know while being an ambassador of Newkidz on the Block we will all be able to make a difference.

Verity – Innovator | Speaker | Singer

It is said that “home is where the heart is’, and in my opinion, a nation without heart is a nation without hope. Newkidz puts the heart into children’s homes, and anyone who has had the opportunity to work with them, will know that their vision and mission in South Africa is immensely vital and hugely valuable.

I have had the privilege to witness two makeovers and the extraordinary transformation they created, not only in the orphanages, but in each and every child when they saw their new home.

I strongly believe that the hope Newkidz creates for orphaned children across South Africa, can only have resoundingly positive ripples in our nations’ future.

I am committed to being part of the Newkidz family and lending my voice, hands and heart wherever they may need me.

Ernestine Deane – Singer | Songwriter | Human Rights Activist | Heritage |
Artist | Healer

“Every tree, every plant grows from a seed. As a mother I know that the environment of a child’s developmental years will help to determine the kind of adult they grow into.

Where there is love and nurturing, a sapling will thrive – regardless of the source of that love.

Every child deserves the opportunity to love and be loved. They are not only receivers but great givers of unconditional love too. Children have been my greatest teachers, when it comes to witnessing the unconditional love and forgiveness that they beam from their hearts.

I am committed to representing and assisting the Newkidz on the Block wherever I can, in order to share this message of love and healing. Every child deserves it.”

Bronwyn Kaye- Make-Up Artist | Actress | Entrepreneur

A loving support structure, warm place to sleep or safe place to play are just a few of the many blessings so many of us take for granted. Unfortunately we are in a situation where there is an overwhelming amount of children who are going without the basics. There are a handful of people out there that wholeheartedly take on the role as heroes for these children, doing whatever they can to help fulfil these needs.

I was privileged enough to meet the Newkidz team a few years ago on a children’s home make-over project near Cape Town, and was truly humbled by the amount of love they have to give. A large group of us all got involved working together to make a change. From the media to well-known personalities and township neighbours, we all had fun together and I learned that day that although nobody can give everything that is needed, everyone can give something. When caring people come together as a team, and each give an hour of their time, a skill, donate a paintbrush or lend a helping hand, the collective effort over a weekend can literally change lives. The greater the support, the greater the reach, and I am proud to be associated with such a special group of people such as Newkidz on the Block who truly embody the spirit of Ubuntu.

Michelle Gildenhuys – Model |Reigning Ms Queen of the Universe 2014 | Two x International Title Holder (Miss Atlántico international & Miss Supranational Africa) |Entrepreneur

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot but together we can do great things”. These are the words I feel best describe the Newkidz on the Block organization. A Groups of people coming together for one common cause; lending a helping hand, inspiring hope in the community and sharing the spirit of Ubuntu.
Having being blessed with a wonderful family and an abundance of love I am grateful to have this opportunity to share the love I have been shown to the kids I will meet on this journey.

I trust that by being an Ambassador for Newkidz on the Block I will be able to be a Voice for orphans in South Africa and assist in creating awareness of their needs. I’m proud to be associated with such an incredible organization…Let the Love Sharing begin.