Become an activistBecome an activistBecome an activist


Use your own passions and talent to make a difference as you raise funds for orphans. Help us raise money to make a difference NOT ONLY in the living conditions of orphaned and vulnerable children BUT ALSO help us create awareness of the over 3 million orphans in S.A. and our mission to integrate these children into a loving family home.

Here is a group of friends who decided to stop talking and start acting. They organized a  fundraising event with the talented Emo Adams to raise funds.

There are many different ways to raise a few rands for something you really believe in, and ANY amount helps!

Fundraising Team

While activists are encouraged to be creative with their fundraising projects, and to initiate a project that best suits their talents and passions, the money side of things is managed in a very specific way. All funds raised for Newkidz must be managed online, using the highly secure and internationally trusted website This site is used by such prestigious organisations such as UNICEF to manage their fundraising efforts, so we’re in good company using this approach. And it also makes fundraising EASY PEASY!

The givengain website ensures the best for everyone: You don’t have to physically manage cash and donations, and you get the benefit of online awareness and support; participants in your project have an easy, safe and secure means of making their donations, and can track your progress in reaching your fundraising target; and Newkidz, and the children we work for, experience the difference that your donation makes.


  1. Click this link and on the page that opens select CREATE YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE  under the NewKidz logo.
  2. If you have a Facebook account you can log in via the Facebook login option or register your account with your own unique username and password.
  3. Create an exciting fundraising project name e.g.   Endorphins for Orphans, Double Argus Tour Challenge etc.” 
  4. Set your fundraising goal.  Any amount is welcome – even R1000 will make a big difference.
  5. Start sharing your project via Twitter or Facebook with your friends or email them your project page link and invite them to be part of your fundraiser.
  6. It’s as easy as that! Now on your marks, get set…GO!  START MY NEWKIDZ ACTIVIST PAGE.

Important note: All donations must be done through your project page via the big red Donate Now! button at the top of your page. Your project is linked to the Projects and Sustainability of Newkidz 2013 and all activity is fully transparent to ensure peace of mind for everyone involved.