Service of hope & blessing (30th May to 5th June 2016)

Newkidz on the Block along with Friends of Child Protection; Safeline and Connect Network participated in a wonderful service of Hope & Blessing at the Gardens Presbyterian Church on Sunday the 29th May 2016.

The service was attended by senior representatives from South African Police Services and Child Protection Units. The congregation had the opportunity to light candles and say a prayer for all children in crisis.
Three large candles were also lit by dignitaries to:
– honour and bless all children everywhere, especially children in crisis and children at risk.
– honour and bless all those who serve children in crisis and
– pray for faith and hope for perpetrators of violent crimes against children.

This was followed by each member of the congregation tying a green ribbon on the perimeter fence outside the church as a sign of hope and blessing for all children in crisis.

What a privilege it was for Newkidz on the Block to be part of this service.


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