Emmanuel Educare

Watch a video of this project here

After postponing the project TWICE because of bad weather, at 8.30 a.m. on the 18th and 19th of November the staff from GSK pharmaceuticals took up their posts armed to the teeth with spades, forks, paint brushes, compacters, grinders, hammers and scrapers!!! The battle was about to begin and the troops were ready!! Competently led by their organiser and captain…Candice January!

The NEWKIDZ team leaders gave the call and the encounter began.

Dust flew everywhere (aided largely by a gusting South-Easter…he he!) as the guys and girls threw their spades mercilessly at some uneven ground that needed to be levelled. The compacter started chugging through the upturned soil, flattening it with each pounding vibration of its intense mass.

Ceilings were being ripped out, walls being knocked down and play-structures erected. The gruelling heat and dust started taking its toll, but luckily Wynland Roll-on-lawn came to the rescue, spreading a lush green lawn over the enemy in minutes! Strong fence poles were sunk and cemented in place. It was time for the troops to retreat, regroup and take in some much needed sustenance provided by Fedics (allies of course).

The call to take up arms was sounded and the GSK staff took no prisoners, as they started digging trenches to bury the bodies…woops I meant tyres, and carefully laid the paving stones in a neat row around the foundations of the structure that was to be erected that evening, while they took a well deserved break and retreated to their barracks with just a few scrapes and scratches to tend to.

As dawn broke in the village of Mfuleni, the suns rays caught the Emmanuel Educare’s newly painted roof as the armoured vehicle dropped off another platoon of fresh troops. The red and blue paint flowed like blood on a battle-field (sometimes a little messier than others).The walls were transformed, a strong fence raised, the tyre trenches decorated, the ceiling installed in a flash. A small vegetable garden was planted and the rather boring toilet was transformed into an undersea world with treasure chests and beautiful sea creatures.

It was time to celebrate and hand the newly conquered fortress over to its rightful owners….Elizabeth and Victor. They were showered with gifts from the GSK staff, NEWKIDZ and mascot Scotty. Their commander and chief Devon officially thanked and handed it back to Elizabeth with the GSK salute to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to “do more, feel better and live longer!!!”