Noncedo Educare

Sponsor: GSK Pharmaceuticals

On the 1st of October 2009 40 volunteers from GSK Pharmaceuticals rallied together under the leadership of NEWKIDZ to revamp this EduCare and bring it up to the standard that it deserves. This project was chosen primarily because of the dedication of its staff and the seeds they plant into the youth of Mfuleni.

There was a lot of work that needed to be accomplished by the end of the day so as soon as the briefing was over and a light breakfast, arranged by Fedics, was swallowed, the GSK staff lost no time to get started.

The staff members were divided into teams. Each team received their job card and the necessary materials. The job card had time slot markings to ensure that all the team could pace themselves throughout the day. Each time they reached a time slot, they had to blow the vuvuzela.

Despite the hot and windy Mfuleni weather, the transformation included:

  • A large brand new wooden play structure was erected in the place of the small metal one that Pinky had to dismantle and pack away each evening into her office!
  • The kitchen was blessed with a fresh coat of paint; new flooring; a complete kitchen unit with the compliments of Superior Doors which replaced the former kitchen cupboard minus its washbasin which had been stolen; curtaining and a new 2-plate stove.
  • The office belonging to Pinky, the principal, which was once a glorified store-room, was transformed into a freshly painted, carpeted office with new curtaining; a smart office desk and chair plus a complete wall unit also compliments of Superior Doors to display her files and well deserved certificates.
  • The baby room which once had holes in the wall, pieces of carpeting to cover the flooring; broken cots and painted windows was changed into a magical bright room with new fitted carpets and Novilon tiles laid by Top Carpets; camp cots; a nappy change station; motives on the walls and new lighting.
  • The Grade R room which is the hub of Noncedo where great work is done with the young children, was revitalized with new fitted carpets and Novilon tiles laid by Top Carpets; a fresh coat of paint; new curtaining; an old cupboard revived into a beautiful decorated bright yellow cupboard and new lighting


The team on the outside were also kept very busy:

  • Lush green roll on lawn was laid where once a sandy and broken tarmac courtyard was repaired
  • A large vegetable garden was created with seedlings; flowers and seeds donated with the compliments of Starke Ayres. The brightly coloured tyres that formed the boundary of the garden brought sparkle to the exterior of the centre
  • Two netball posts were cut down to size and painted in bright stripes so that the children can play netball
  • broken doors to the three outside toilets were replaced with compliments of Power Construction


While all this work was underway, the children and staff were taken to the Wimpy Bar for breakfast followed by an outing to Butterfly World where they enjoyed a leisurely afternoon and a hearty picnic lunch sponsored by Pick n Pay  Riverside Branch.

By three o’ clock in the afternoon, after 6-hours of hard work, the wind swept GSK volunteers were exhausted yet they knew that all their efforts had paid great dividends in the lives of each and every child that attends the Noncedo EduCare Centre. Their contribution gave renewed hope to the dedicated staff members who had gone that extra mile for years unnoticed.