Mzamowethu Educare

Sponsor: Old Mutual

This day started with a true Cape Town downpour but I believe the rain drops were blessings on the day as it turned out to be an awesome time for everyone who ventured out to Extension 3 in Mfuleni to improve the conditions at Mzamowethu EduCare Centre.

28 members of staff from Old Mutual arrived ready for a hard days work. After signing up into one of the 7–pre arranged teams, each team elected a leader who received a list of detailed instructions of what was required of them plus a list of all the necessary materials needed, which were all available on site, to complete the task.

The work started at 09h00 and by 14h30 a miraculous transformation had happened right before our eyes.

This EduCare didn’t have a fence nor gate but by the end of the day had a jazzy painted sturdy wooden fence with gate and lock!

There was no play structure for the 70 children who attend Mzamowethu to play on but this was changed and now they have a great monkey bar structure. Two large tractor tyres were put into the ground and painted to form sand pits for the young ones.

The grounds had no vegetation, only sand which was covered with offcuts of carpet which Vuyokazi (the principal) put down to keep the sand from blowing everywhere. By the end of the day the entire property was covered with roll on lawn and a gravel pathway.

A 4m x 2m vegetable garden was created with veggie plants and seeds too.

All the buldings on the property (baby room; Grade R; kitchen and municipal toilet) were painted.

The whole day was jolly and each team was driven to complete their work on time and with a standard of excellence.