The Building Blocks Children’s Home

 Sponsor: Old Mutual

We set out to accomplish the following tasks by the end of the day:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Weeding and tending to the flower beds
  • Weeding the area on the pavement side of the front perimeter wall
  • Painting the ceiling in the bathroom
  • Painting the ceiling and one wall in the sun room
  • Packing books and items for the new Home that will be opening in 2011
  • Sorting and packing the donated toys for the new Home

All of the above was completed with excellence and this team didn’t stop there! They went an extra mile:

  • Washing the babies bottles
  • Making the babies bottles with milk formula
  • Hanging up washing (a couple of times)
  • Washing the tiles on the front veranda
  • Helping to bottle feed the tiny babies
  • Picking up and cuddling the little ones when they needed attention
  • Washing the good toys before re–packing them (Newkidz gave them a very large piece of plastic to cover these toys to prevent them for getting dirty again)

This was a special project where 14 volunteers from Old Mutual rolled up their sleeves to help at this special Home which cares for 16 abandoned and orphaned tiny babies and toddlers. Jenny, the Manager at Building Blocks expressed her sincere gratitude for the help, not only for the big jobs that were accomplished but the willingness of the Old Mutual volunteers to help care for the babies throughout the day. This was heart–warming to witness. She was also thankful for the generous donation of gifts the team gave to the Home.

From NEWKIDZ side, it was a privileged working with each member of the team – their attitude to do their part even though they didn’t know what “job” they would pick from the “job jar”, was great.

This project was very different from other projects and extremely special because we had the opportunity to hold the beneficiaries. I want to personally thank each member for choosing this project. I trust that your hearts have been touched and that the memory of this day and the babies that you held will encourage you to continue to do your part as we stand in the gap for these vulnerable children. May God bless you for what you did on Friday – thank you!