Baphumelele Children’s Home

Sponsor: MySchool and Heart104.9FM

Watch a video of this project here

The word “extreme” took on a whole new dimension in Khayelitsha over the weekend of the 29th – 31st July 2011 when what was viewed as the impossible was achieved.

459 volunteers from all walks of life teamed up to be the Army of Angels and filled 796 shifts over the 3-days period.

The extent of the work done was phenomenal to say the least. The vibe was tangible. The pumping Heart 104.9 music from their outside broadcast van made the work go even faster. The attitude of the volunteers was to help wherever needed and despite the fact that on Saturday alone there were 340 people on site, everyone was accommodating.

There were no injuries…only 3 Band-Aid plasters were issued for minor scrapes!

And to put the cherry on the top, the value of goods and services given to this project to improve the living conditions of these children who didn’t choose to live in a Children’s Home was in the region of a staggering R1.6 million. WELL DONE CAPE TOWN!!!!!

Our vision at NEWKIDZ is primarily to create awareness and support of orphaned, vulnerable and destitute children in South Africa in the hope that many of them will be integrated into loving family homes.

We believe that our vision was achieved during this makeover in Khayelitsha because now 459 people, most of whom didn’t know that Baphumelele Children’s Home even existed, will now tell their friends, family members and colleagues about these children.

If, as a result of this makeover, just one child is fostered or adopted into a loving family, then every cent spent; every hour given and every drop of sweat shed was worthwhile.

This is what you, the Army of Angels, did for the Baphumelele Children’s Home:

  • Electrical fittings and lights were installed
  • Plumbing repair work was done
  • A large area of paving was laid where there once was sand
  • Grass was laid where there was only sand before
  • Fertilizer was worked in for the grass and vegetable garden
  • Gravel was laid between the houses
  • Five of the cluster houses were painted inside and out
  • A painted car wreck was put in the playground
  • Door handles were fitted
  • Bathroom accessories were fitted
  • New mattresses on all the beds
  • Striking murals were painted on prominent walls
  • A large tree was hoisted with a crane & planted in the playground
  • Beautiful and suitable colours were chosen by an interior decorator
  • Guttering and downpipes were re-fitted
  • All broken glass was replaced
  • Cornices were repaired and replaced
  • New pigeon holes were installed in the baby house
  • Brand new loose cupboards and drawers were given to each house
  • Blinds were fitted in the baby house and admin building
  • New office furniture was donated for the admin building
  • A vegetable garden was created
  • Fire extinguishers and signs were installed
  • The roofs were cleaned
  • Insulation material was fitted in the roofs of five of the cluster houses
  • Two flat screen television sets and Top TV was installed
  • Absolutely beautiful, brand new duvet cover sets; fitted sheets; throws; bath mats and towels were donated
  • Wall to wall carpeting was fitted throughout the admin building
  • New colourful curtaining for all five cluster houses was hung
  • The pantry of the Children’s Home was replenished
  • Custom made mirrors with frames was donated
  • Cots were sprayed
  • Weed eater was donated
  • Automatic irrigation was installed


On behalf of the NEWKIDZ team; Heart 104.9FM and the MySchool Fundraising Programme, we are extremely proud of everyone involved because without you, we would not have been able to accomplish what we set out to do.

We trust that all the companies that were involved and every volunteer who gave of themselves will be blessed ten-fold for what they were prepared to give to these children.