Heatherdale Children’s Home

Sponsor: GSK Pharmaceuticals

Now it’s GSK Pharmaceutical’s turn to bless Heatherdale Children’s Home in Athlone, Cape Town.

Early in the morning on Thursday the 15th September 2011 GSK Pharmaceutical’s staff members congregated at the Heatherdale Children’s Home in Athlone, Cape Town to upgrade the girl’s wing.

They were briefed on the day’s proceedings; divided into teams and then each team had to choose a leader who was given a detailed job description and a crate with all their materials. And from there it was “on your marks…get set…go”!

This was a one-day project and like many of our projects we still stand astounded at the amount of work that can be completed in a restricted amount of time simply because of the commitment of the volunteers.

The girls bedroom area is all on the first floor so let me paint a picture for you…you have 40 adults all trying to get their work done on time + ladders + buckets of paint + handyman team = busy. But despite this everyone was accommodating and there was lots of laughter and banter between the teams

By mid afternoon the work was complete and these bedrooms had been transformed from ordinary rooms with dim lighting to beautiful; fresh coloured walls; bright lighting; dainty curtains and stunning bedding for these young girls who so deserve “girly” things.

We were also in a position to tidy up the long passage and upgrade the two Carer’s bedrooms too.

One of the girls who live at Heatherdale mentioned to me prior to the makeover that her favourite colour was green so we purposefully painted her room a beautiful shade of green. When the girls returned to see their rooms, I saw this little girl standing one side in her bedroom – not shouting like the others with excitement but just with a joy on her face that I cannot actually explain. She came over and gave me a tight hug and said softly “thank you…this is my favourite colour”

Many of these young girls have gone through more tough situations in their young lives than what we have experienced in all our adult years and I don’t think that the GSK team really knows the impact that they have made in these girls lives. That GSK Pharmeceuticals not only thought of them but also made time for them – we salute you.