Heatherdale Children’s Home

This is a Child & Youth Care Centre in Athlone, Cape Town which has been serving the community for the past 80 years. This Home provides a safe haven for children at risk – for those whose homes are beset with financial difficulties, drug/alcohol problems or physical abuse – and who have suffered emotional trauma as a result.

Currently Heatherdale Children’s Home caters for around 25 boys and 30 girls aged between 4 and 18.

NEWKIDZ, in association with the Volunteer Youth Project did some much needed maintenance work during the team’s 7-day program here in South Africa. The group consisted of one teamleader and nine students from the UK who came to SA on a working holiday.

Their project at Heatherdale Children’s Home in Athlone was to makeover 5 toilets and two large bathrooms. This was their first project of this kind, but their willingness and eagerness to do it, was amazing and much appreciated.

Accompanied by vibey music and with an attitude of sharing workloads if someone was behind or not able to do the task, they spend their days giving of themselves to improve the living conditions of the children in that home.

It was hard work with limited time, but I am proud to say that they finished the task within the time period; and considered their inexperience it was a nice and neat piece of work!

Well done, guys and girls, well done!