Heaven’s Shelter House

Sponsor: Brights Hardware

Over the weekend of the 6th – 8th May, 195 volunteers from all over Cape Town joined Brights Hardware in celebrating their 40th birthday to uplift Heaven’s Shelter House (Mitchells Plain) for abused women and children to a beautiful and welcoming place of safety for these destitute members of our community.

Abdul and Zulpha Morris had brought this dilapidated double storey building, originally without a roof, to a place where women and children in need could come and feel safe. Witnessing what this humble couple had done with the little that they had, we knew that the investment of companies and volunteers into this project would be worthwhile and sustainable.

There was a huge amount of work to be done and the attitude and hard work that the volunteers gave to this project left us speechless.

While this was happening, all the residents (a total of 41 people) were whisked away in a luxury coach for their first night’s accommodation at the Protea Hotel President in Bantry Bay. What a treat! Thereafter they spent the remainder of their vacation at a self catering resort to return on Sunday evening to the big reveal.

The number of Suppliers and their teams that contributed to this makeover was phenomenal and we salute you all for your willingness to participate in this mammoth task.

On behalf of the NEWKIDZ team, we want to extend a very special thanks to the Directors and Management team of Brights Hardware who lead by example and worked tirelessly alongside the other volunteers. We honour you for your commitment and dedication and truly believe that the blessing that you have given will be returned to you; your families and Brights Hardware for the generations to come.

Our sincere thanks to each and everyone involved in making this huge project such a wonderful and memorable experience.

Here is the long list of work that was accomplished:

  • The outside and inside of the building was painted
  • New perimeter fence was erected
  • Driveway and front grounds was paved
  • Lawn was laid and vegetable garden created
  • A play structure was erected and the play area filled with sand
  • Doors were hung
  • Lights were fitted
  • Floors were tiled
  • Some rooms were fitted with laminated flooring
  • Beds were painted
  • A brand new kitchen was fitted
  • Bedroom cupboards were installed
  • Murals were painted on walls
  • A laundry was created
  • New wash basins were installed into the bathrooms and toilets were fixed
  • Cornices were fitted throughout the house
  • Corrugated roofing over the pathway was installed
  • Furniture; curtaining and bedding was donated