Zanethemba Kidz Haven

Sponsor: Investec Community Fund

This Creche is situated on a small corner plot in Philippi. The corrugated iron classrooms that houses the many little children who attend this centre, had been erected as best they could but the wind and rain that we are used to here in the Western Cape, and especially on the Cape Flats, is merciless at times and has taken its toll on the structure.

Investec Community Fund approached NEWKIDZ to help improve this creche. What a privilege it has been for us to befriend these good people. The Board of Zanethemba is actively involved in the running of the centre and we are sure that the improvements that Investec has invested will bear much fruit.

Here is a list of what was accomplished – astonishing but true!


      • The corrugated classrooms were pulled down and in their place a 9m x 3m wooden structure, with partitioning for the baby and toddler rooms, was erected.
      • The outside corrugated toilet structure was also removed. A new cement floor was thrown onto which a waterproof wooden structure was erected. The company Little Plumber Boy donated their time to install a wash basin. The interior of this structure was painted a curtain was hung; pretty pictures were put on the wall; a holder for the toilet paper and a hook for towel were attached to the wall; plus the floor was painted and a mat was put down too.
      • Their tired fence was removed and replaced with a sturdy high, welded mesh one with flat barbed wire on the top plus a high entrance gate. A new post box was attached at the entrance.
      • The sand in this area is very taxing as the volunteers experienced on Saturday but this is now something of the past. The 14 square metre grounds were laid with cement pavers and what a difference this made!
      • Because the ground is so baron, we decided to use a donated bath as a veggie garden. This looked stunning and we are very grateful to Marcelle who gave the bath and Swartland Garden and Organics who donated the potting soil.
      • The interior of the classrooms were painted.
      • Much needed wide shelving, donated by AJ Joiners, was secured quite high up on the walls to hold the new mattresses and donated blankets.
      • A new florescent light was fitted in each of the rooms (baby and toddlers rooms) plus an outside security light was installed.
      • They also have a plug point in the toddler’s room now.
      • Educational pictures were hung on the walls.
      • A new large Zanethemba Kidz Haven name board was attached to the outside of the building facing onto the road
      • Two new large loose carpets were put down
      • Curtains were hung on the windows
      • Burglar bars were fitted to the open windows
      • Coat hooks were screwed onto the wall for the children’s bags and jackets.
      • A pram, walking ring, baby rocker, fax machine and computer were also donated
      • 40 brand new stackable tables plus plastic shells for either water or sand were also given to this project
      • Welcome mats were given for each of the entrances to the classrooms
      • And as a bonus, the volunteers gave Vicky’s home a fresh coat of paint

      On behalf of the NEWKIDZ team I’d like to commend the Investec team for their hard work. There was a lot of work that needed to be completed and unfortunately there wasn’t much time to stand around and relax but this team didn’t seem to want to stand around…they kept going the whole day!

      We believe that we were able to accomplish everything that we set out to do. Well done to each one (Investec employees; friends; family and children from the community) who came along. It was a job well done.

      Thank you!