Heatherdale Childrens Home

Thank you to all the volunteers who endured the hot summer sun on Saturday to touch up the murals on the immense stretch of vibrecete wall at the Heatherdale Children’s Home in Athlone.

The defining lines and enhanced colours made a big difference and we think the pictures look stunning! There has been a huge transformation from the previously grey vibrecrete walls to the now bright and colourful ones.

NEWKIDZ’s primary focus is to create awareness and support of orphans, vulnerable and destitute children in South Africa in the hope that many of them can be integrated into loving families and upgrading of Children’s Homes is the vehicle we use to achieve this end.

The work ethic at NEWKIDZ is to strive for excellence and we believe that if one starts something in life, to finish it well – we believe that the lesson the children at Heatherdale witnessed in this project was just that …to always finish well.

We are sincerely grateful to each volunteer who participated in completing this project – it was a job well done! Thank you.