Little Star EduCare

Over the weekend of the 8th & 9th December 2012 in just 16-hours the Little Star EduCare was transformed to an absolutely beautiful centre for the 34 little children to thrive in.

58 people volunteered their time in the heat; 91 three-hour shifts were filled and 17 companies contributed to create an awesome finish.

When Paulina, the educator returned on Sunday afternoon at 4pm to see her centre, she broke down in tears at what had been created for her children. Many parents and children gathered too to witness the ribbon cutting ceremony and the great reveal and their exclamations made us smile from ear to ear.

One of the children who couldn’t attend the official hand over on the Sunday asked his teacher on the Monday morning where she had bought this new school.

This could only have been done with the help of the volunteers; the generosity of the companies who contributed and the Lord’s blessing and protection (not even one plaster was needed!). What a way to end 2012.

Now Little Star EduCare can proceed with her registration because we have met all the requirements that were holding this process back (with regards to the structure of the centre).

These are the improvements that were done:

  • A 2m high tree was planted to give them much needed shade
  • Gravel was thrown where there was previously a sandy driveway
  • A dry wall was installed to separate the baby room & kitchen
  • An additional door and window was installed in the Grade R room
  • A new ceiling was installed in the Grade R room
  • All exterior walls were painted and the name of the centre was professionally painted on the front wall
  • Beautiful nursery rhyme murals were painted on all the interior walls
  • A brand new stove was given
  • Towel rail & toilet roll holder was installed
  • A brand new kitchen wall unit was given
  • All interior walls were painted in a beautiful blue
  • DVD player and DVD’s
  • Sufficient plastic covered mattresses were provided

  • The sandy front garden was replaced with roll on lawn
  • Swings were installed where before there was no outside play structure
  • Loose cupboards were provided for storage & shelves were installed
  • New curtain rails and curtains were hung on all windows
  • Leaking roof in the Grade R room was repaired
  • Cornices were fitted in the Grade R room
  • The previously cement floor in the Grade R class is now covered with carpet tiles and a carpet sweeper has been provided
  • A brand new fold down aluminium washing line was installed
  • A brand new fridge was given
  • A new light was fitted in the Grade R class
  • All doors and window frames were painted
  • The toilet was repaired and a new toilet seat fitted
  • Sufficient blankets were provided
  • Groceries, new toys & books were provided


Giving to someone who cannot repay you is the greatest gift of all.

To everyone who was involved in this makeover you have given a great gift (your time; your energy and yourselves)…thank you from the bottom of our hearts for partnering with Newkidz in blessing the children from Mfuleni this Christmas.

Here are the amazing people who are helping us with this Little Star EduCare makeover…

  • Sales Hire … our faithful supplier….providing a portable toilet and equipment for free
  • Millennium floor coving … supplying the glue for the carpet tiles for free
  • Property foundation … supplying the carpet tiles for free
  • Lewis stores .. supplying a stove; fridge and kitchen wall unit for free
  • Mr Washline … supplying a folding wall-mounted aluminum washing line for free
  • Hamiltons … supplying paint brushes for free
  • Mural Maniac … performing his magic on the walls for free
  • Mpact recycling … supplying cardboard for floor covering for free
  • Cape Boards … supplying shelving for free
  • Penny Pinchers … supplying ceiling paint and curtain rails at a discount price
  • Groenvlei Gras … supplying roll on lawn at a discounted price
  • Cape Core Rubble … collecting grass & removing rubble at a discounted price
  • Creative Cornices … supplying cornice for classroom for free
  • Cape Contours … supplying a tree and compost for free
  • Speelgoedland … supplying the swing at a discounted price
  • City of Cape Town … supplying 34 blankets and 34 mattresses for free
  • Andrew Keevey … financial