Siphamandla Educare

It was a typical wet winter weekend for Cape Town with pouring rain the whole of Friday and most of Saturday but our team leaders and volunteers were determined to push through and bless the children who attend the Siphamandla EduCare in Crossroads.

Our faith was strong that the weather would clear in time to finish the project…and on Sunday it did clear to a beautiful sunny day!

The contractors exceeded themselves and I’d like to make special mention of the team from Boss Paving who worked in that pouring rain on Friday to transform the previous sandy playground into a beautifully paved walkway.

The weather certainly did put pressure on all of us but as you can see from the extensive list of achievements below, this was a miracle project:

  • Painted all the interior walls
  • Painted and fixed all interior door mechanisms and locks
  • New full length pigeon hole cupboards installed in the pantry
  • New kitchen cupboard
  • Tiled the pantry
  • New shelving in the baby and toddlers room
  • Amazing murals were painted on the walls
  • Sanded and painted all existing pigeon holes and shelves
  • Laid carpet tiles in the office / sick bay area
  • Sorted and washed all their soft toys, sheets, blankets and children’s clothing
  • Painted all the ceiling
  • Replaced the entrance door
  • Checked all light fittings and replaced light bulbs and covers where necessary
  • Tiled the store room


  • Tiled the toilet area
  • Put up a dry wall to separate the office and sick bay area
  • Sanded and varnished all of the children’s tables
  • Prepared and painted the exterior wall
  • Replace damaged ceiling boards
  • 50 x new mattresses
  • 20 x new blankets
  • New toys
  • New single bed, new mattress and new bedding for sick bay
  • New curtaining and blind on all windows
  • Filled pantry with groceries
  • 4 x new large carpets
  • Microwave oven


This was our 30th project and like all our makeovers, our focus is to create awareness and support of vulnerable, destitute and orphaned children in South Africa. The transformation at this EduCare was dramatic and we trust that the financial input from Investec and the sacrifice that the volunteers made at Siphamandla will bear much fruit in the lives of these children from Crossroads by creating a conducive environment for them to learn and thrive.