Sokwanela EduCare Centre

Sponsor: GSK Pharmaceutical

On the morning of Thursday the 25th October the GSK Pharmaceutical team arrived in Philippi ready for a full day’s work. The weather was perfect and the staff were jovial and eager to improve this centre so that it can be registered.

After a nice cup of coffee and briefing, the staff members were divided into 4 teams each with a Newkidz team leader, who volunteered their time for the day – thank you guys

A couple of weeks prior to this event, GSK Pharmaceuticals had provided the Umthawelanga EduCare, located about a 10-minute drive away from Sokwanela EduCare, with a play structure. One of the teams spent the day at Umthawelanga EduCare painting this structure in stunning bright colours while the remaining teams got going with their jobs at hand at Sokwanela.

The work started at 09h00 and by 15h30 everything was complete. Sokwanela EduCare Centre had moved up the ranks and was on a totally different level than the day before!

Below is a list of the improvements that were accomplished – it was astounding.


  • New play structure where there was previously nothing
  • New toilet structure where there was previously a shack
  • Additional toilet
  • Paving where there was previously just sand
  • Painted the exterior of the building and boundary wall
  • Painted the flower pots


  • The room at the rear of the RDP house was previously lined with cardboard boxes and had no floor but now has cladding on the walls and ceiling; a new cement floor covered with carpet tiles and a new light fitting so it can now function as the baby room
  • The kitchen at the rear of the house was similar to the above mentioned one and here we were also able to throw a new cement floor; clad the walls and ceiling; fit a new light and connect water for their convenience
  • New light fittings were fitted in all the other two classrooms
  • Carpet tiles were laid where before there were pieces of Novilon and cement peaking through
  • A wash basin and cupboard was installed in the one classroom where previously there was just a bucket to catch the water
  • New curtain rails were fitted on all the windows and colourful stripped curtains with white bow tie-backs were hung
  • Two changing tables and changing mats where given so that the staff no longer need to change the nappies on the floor
  • All interior walls were painted in a lovely cream colour and the doors were painted white

Additional items given:

  • New mattresses for all the children
  • New blankets
  • Single bed sheets to cover the new mattresses
  • Colourful face cloths
  • Toilet mats; towel ring and toilet paper holder
  • Sufficient colourful plastic tables (before there was only 1)
  • Colourful plastic chairs
  • Plastic chairs for the staff to sit on
  • Stationery and beautiful handmade dolls
  • Educational posters for the walls
  • Pretty pictures were put up in the new toilets
  • New long shelf and large mirror
  • Scooters and a girls bicycle
  • Microwave oven
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Twin tub washing machine
  • 2 x 10KG flour

All the suppliers gave either extremely generous discounted prices or their product and services for free. This enabled GSK Pharmaceuticals and Newkidz to exceed our expectations for this makeover and abundantly bless these children and staff at Sokwanela EduCare.

It was another very good day. Congratulations GSK! Another job well done! Thank you to everyone who was involved.