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Woolworths Trust Initiative

 On  30th – 31st May 2013, the weather on the first day of this project was unfavourable but this didn’t deter the Woolworths staff from getting their hands dirty and complete a huge amount of work. Thank goodness for the veranda that was installed (as part of this budget) a few days beforehand as this offered much needed shelter for the furniture and equipment that had to be taken out of the too.

Day two’s team was just as dynamic as day one’s group. They did all the second coats; touch ups and then helped to stick & paint the huge numeric and alphabetic mural stencils on the walls and across the ceiling before being painted in a stunning green and brilliant blue against the white wall. What a dramatic finish.

Along with the newly painted bright green interior doors; blue and green tables & chairs; new camp cots; new carpeting; toys; full length wall pigeon hole; new kitchenette (plus so much more) … what a stark difference!

The children now sleep on white PVC plastic covered mattresses, under warm blankets, have their nappies changed on a changing table and are able to learn and play in a water tight and warm environment. Well done Woolworths for doing this for these little ones.

After this project, the Department of Social Development visited the centre and couldn’t believe the difference compared to their visit prior to the makeover.

Exceeded expectations

  • Exceeded expectations
  • Completed all that we planned plus …
  • New kitchen cupboards
  • Window blinds
  • Fitted a second front door
  • Fixed front paving
  • Sealed rear of property from neighbours behind
  • Rubble removal
  • Tables & chairs
  • Toys
  • Heat panels installed
  • Changing table with changing mat
  • Repaired leaking roof
  • Painted the neighbours home on the same property
  • Synthetic grass
  • New signage
  • Business cards & letterhead stationery

From the Newkidz on the block side, I wish to compliment Woolworths on their staff’s work ethic. It has been a pleasure working with each of these teams to date and we are excited about the remaining 5 projects lined up ahead.