Khulangolwazi EduCare

Woolworths Staff Initiative

8 October 2013

This was project number 8 in the awesome series of upgrades with Woolworths Trust! What a wonderful journey it has been.
On arrival the team signed up into their various groups according to their preference of work and off they went. It was very hot and so everyone decided to work as quickly as possible before the midday sun stopped overhead. What a transformation a fresh coat of paint does AND then Theo from Mural Maniac put his cherry on the top with delightful artwork.

Our goal for the day was to improve the outside of the EduCare & enhance the vegetable garden well, by 3pm that afternoon this zealous team had:

  • Painted the exterior of a 6ft container and decorated it with beautiful murals
  • Painted the exterior of the crèche building and decorated this too with beautiful murals
  • Painted the exterior of the principals corrugated iron residence which is on the premises
  • Raked a truck load of gravel to re-create the driveway
  • Cleared out the veggie patch; worked in compost and seed planted rows of vegetables
  • Painted all the tyres; perimeter wooden fence; the curb alongside the driveway and the two large jungle gyms
  • And a contractor (Speelgoedland) repaired and replaced the broken swings

At the handover, Setyenzwa, the principal was speechless at the blessing she; her staff and all their children had received but the highlight, I believe, was when the Mandela Day packs were handed out to the children. Their faces …. The pure joy of having something special they could call their own, was priceless.
The heart felt appreciation for the grocery hampers that the EduCare received, also as part of the Woolworths Mandela Day initiative, was very evident too.
Thank you Allie and your team. It was a privilege to work with you all and you made Woolworths proud