Khuti’s Homecare for disabled children

Sponsor: Woolworths Trust

This was our sixth project so far this year with Woolworths Trust and this one involved the Human Resources staff compliment. What a dynamic team!

We originally planned to only upgrade the garden at this Home but ended up doing way more.
In a question of 6-hours, with beautiful weather, the following work was accomplished:

  • The exterior of the three container-structure dwelling (and burglar bars) that accommodates 14-severely physically disabled children was painted
  • The entire property was cleared of weeds and rubble
  • The interior of the Wendy House was cleared out and painted in a lovely warm colour
  • A huge tree was planted, which had to be hoisted with a crane into the deep hole that the volunteers dug, was the highlight of the day (Our sincere thanks to Habitat Mature Trees who donated this tree towards this project)
  • The ladies created a flower garden and decorated the edges with painted stones
  • All of the interior windows received brand new blinds
  • Prior to the project, and with the funds we received for this project, the following work was also done:
  • The Wendy House was insulated so that it is nice and warm (and cool in the summer) for the children
  • An area at the side of the property was enclosed to create a store room
  • Two pathways were laid, one from the Wendy House and one from the veranda of the containers to the perimeter entrance gate (previously this was just sand and must have been extremely difficult to manoeuvre wheelchairs in these conditions)


We are proud to say that we were able to meet all the items on Khuti’s wish list for her Home! Thank you Woolworths!!!!
At the handover Khuti was quite speechless when she saw the size of the donations that had been collected for her staff and children.

On behalf of Newkidz on the Block it was once again a privilege to work with a team of hardworking and willing staff members. I believe that at the end of the day yesterday we were all counting our blessing, especially in the area of good health and how blessed this country is to have people like Khuti, Patience and her staff who take care of these innocent, physically challenged children.

Thank you Woolworths for making a difference!