Ons plek for Girls

Sponsor: R & N Master Builders

Thank you to everyone who gave their 67-minutes this Mandela Day to help upgrade the home for the girls at Ons Plek – Siviwe House.We recorded 221 people who came over the two days. We also recorded a total of 377 67-minute completed shifts! This is amazing considering the weather .

The great attitude from all the volunteers to help wherever they were needed, especially when the rain was pouring down and we had to quickly make another plan was absolutely amazing!

The faces of the girls when they entered the Home at 5pm on Friday afternoon was priceless and made all the hard work worthwhile.Mr. Nelson Mandela is a well-loved gentleman with a big heart for our country who has lead by example on how to instill dignity in people. Everyone who helped at the Ons Plek – Siviwe House project did just that. Despite the pouring rain, together YOU were determined to help us complete this project and instill dignity into the lives of these 16 brave girls who have decided to change their past. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to R+N Master Builders for sponsoring this project; all the volunteers and all the suppliers for making this possible

    Our plans for this project were:

  • Paint the exterior of the home
  • Paint the interior of the home
  • Paint all doors, door frames & balasade
  • Install pigeon holes in the counseling room
  • General maintenance i.e. carpentry, plumbing, electrical & general maintenance
  • Accessories – bedding, curtains, dining room table & chairs
  • New stove; outside bench

What we actually achieved was:

  • Everything we had planned
  • Painted all their previously grey beds, white
  • Decals on the metal cabinets
  • Additional shelving in the counseling room
  • Stunning murals throughout the Home
  • Fold down washing line
  • New mattresses on all the beds
  • Gift for each child and Carer
  • A spring clean

Brief history of the organization

Ons Plek was established in 1988 to care for young girls who live on the streets of our city. It is the only residential Child & Youth Care Centre in Cape Town that specializes in developmental and therapeutic intake services for girls who have lived, worked or begged on the streets of Cape Town.

Each year almost 100 – 10 girls between 6 and 18 years leave home to fend for themselves on the streets of Cape Town. The girls have left home to escape physical abuse and neglect or have been sent away as their family cannot support them. They report that they eat better on the streets than they do at home. The female street children are the poorest of the poor. The girls are a minority group on the street – an average of 12% of street children are girls. They have the lowest status at home and on the street.

At Ons Plek and Siviwe House, the girls basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, education and love are provided, with care that aims to be healing for the girl and her family.

Once the children have crossed the threshold into Ons Plek they are not there as street children but as children who are looking for a new place in society. They are not looking for an identity as former street children either, but want to be seen as ordinary children.

Siviwe, meaning ‘God has heard us’, also named by the girls, provides an environment undisturbed by direct contact with street life. Once the girls have weaned themselves from street life while at Ons Plek, and adjusted to a more structured life, they can move to Siviwe in Woodstock. Like Ons Plek, Siviwe is a registered residential Child & Youth Care Centre and the services dovetail with that of the Ons Plek Intake Centre.