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The Homestead

Friday & Saturday 24th & 25th May 2013 

On Friday the 24th May a group of colleagues from Regis Management Services came along to The Homestead to do their office social. This is admirable as so many companies go for paint ball; quad biking etc but this company gave their time and energy to start painting the perimeter vibrecrete walls and improve the grounds where these vulnerable children live. May Regis Management Services be blessed ten-fold for the great work they did and I trust it was an inspiration to them all!

On Saturday a total of 110 Newkidz on the Block volunteers converged on The Homestead to do their 3-hour shift time slots to brighten up the extremely long 137 metre vibrecrete wall with stunning green, yellow, blue & green wavey colours, donated by Duram Paints – what a blessing!

The volunteers also created three huge flower gardens with plants complimentary from Cape Contours – another company with foresight.

It was amazing to see how much rubble was picked up on this play ground … enough to fill a large skip, which was donated to us compliments of Waste Man – thank you for this too.

And then there was Sales Hire who also allowed us to use their wheelbarrows; rakes; spades for free – amazing service time and time again!

God blessed this project with generous & kind hearted suppliers; a wonderful high spirited group of volunteers; kept the weather at bay and no injuries – Thank you!!!!!!

The weather was threatening the whole day and by late afternoon when the last shift had completed the final touches and packed away, the heavens were on the verge of opening and pouring out a blessing on this Home and soaking the new plants that had been planted J

This project attracted volunteers of all ages and it was wonderful to see young and old working side by side. There were many precious moments shared between the young residents of The Homestead and the volunteers. Moments that I believe will be treasured by both parties.

We exceeded all expectations over this weekend and we at Newkidz on the Block know that we could never have done this project without our dedicated volunteer force – please accept our sincere thanks for giving your energy; skills and precious time (especially over a weekend) – may you reap the rewards for your act of kindness towards these boys.

In closing, may I encourage all the volunteers who helped over that weekend to stay in touch with The Homestead and support them in whatever way you possibly can.

If anyone is interested in Hosting; Fostering or Adopting and would like to find out more about this amazing blessing that you can give a vulnerable, destitute or orphaned child, please contact us on

Well done team – you all did us proud!