Sponsor: Woolworths Trust

What an amazing bunch of staff to work with. Woolworths Head Office staff managed to give Zanathemba Kidz Haven EduCare a new beginning.

This small group of Woolies caders were quick off the mark and started sanding the weather beaten Wendy House that is being used as a classroom for more than 50 children.

Their attitude was one of “let’s do this” and jumped right in preparing, masking, sanding and painting and by lunch time the interior was bright and freshly painted.

After a superb lunch provided by Woolworths, all that was left was to varnish the exterior of the structure and decorate the interior. This was a pleasure working under the shade structure that Woolworths had donated as part of this project, which extends the area under which children can play and be protected from the elements.

The hand over from the Woolworths staff to Vicky (the principal) and her staff, included bags of toys and boxes of eats and a fitting end to the day was when Janine and the team sang “You’re my brother, you’re my sister” to all of them, leaving only a few dry eyes.

The children responded by singing a song with actions and we all went home feeling like we had made the world a slightly better place.