Bethesda Child & Youth Care Centre


9th SEPTEMBER 2014



What a dramatic and beautiful makeover this was.

With the help of a group of volunteers from the George ETA Fitness Campus (who assisted with a lot of the preparation work) and the 67-strong staff compliment from Engen’s Retail Assets department, the Bethesda Child & Youth Care Centre in George, which was in serious need of maintenance, was dramatically transformed.

This was a mammoth project, which many thought we would not be able to complete on time, yet, in just over 7-hours on Tuesday the 9th of September under the guidance of great team leaders, a phenomenal amount of work was completed and we did finish!

The original plan was to paint the interior of the 16-room centre; repair the bedroom cupboards; clean; and supply bedding and window covering. This was however far exceeded to the extent that apart from the aforementioned:


  • All the floors were painted
  • The two dining hall floors were sanded & varnished
  • A new counter top was installed in the kitchen
  • All electrical light fittings were fixed
  • Tiling; general maintenance work and additional carpentry work was completed
  • All the dark brown woodwork wall panels and all the cupboards, were changed to white
  • Additional furniture was supplied
  • Boxes and boxes of donations were given by Engen
  • And Engen provided lunch for all the children at the Home on the day too

This was truly phenomenal!

It is prudent that the following companies are mentioned as they too were an integral part of making this project so successful:  Ackermans (George); Eden Paints cc (George); Coastal Hire (George); Jacks Paint & Hardware (Claremont); Chemdry (Brackenfell); Clear Solutions (Brackenfell) and a professional carpenter and a professional construction contractor, both who offered their services free of charge and were prepared to work until late at night to help complete all the work on time, ….. to all of these amazing people, a HUGE thank you!

For us at Newkidz on the Block, if this sweat-equity / love-in-action project demonstrated to the volunteers of how privileged we are to have family, that we should never take this for granted and, at the same time, demonstrate to the children at Bethesda that they have not been forgotten by society, and that there is still hope that they will find loving families, then this project was completely worthwhile.

Thank you again to the Engen Retail Assets team for sponsoring this project. It was a privilege to