Investec – Newkidz on the Block – Greenpop

Luberton crèche in Atlantis

Thursday 23rd October 2014


Investec identified a centre in Atlantis called Luberton crèche and after our site visit, we decided to partner with Investec in a morning project.

Luberton crèche accommodates 102 children, from the area, up to the age of 6 who spend their day under the loving care of 9 staff members. The centre is well organized; very neat and the children looked happy and certainly in good hands.

On the morning of the 23rd October, a team from Investec, under the supervision of Newkidz on the Block team leaders, did the following improvements to this Centre:

  • Installed a security gate (contractor)
  • Painted delightful wall murals
  • Painted the wall on the front veranda
  • Planed 10 young trees (Greenpop)

While the staff did the work, various fun activities have been arranged for the crèche children.

As a fledgling organization it feels good to spread our wings again and reach out to communities who even though they are not very far from Cape Town, sometimes get forgotten when it comes to corporate support and upliftment.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to work together with Investec and Greenpop as we reached out to the community of Atlantis today.

A really enthusiastic group of volunteers hit the ground running as they arrived at 9am at the Luberton crèche in Atlantis. They were greeted by an even more enthusiastic group of kids already in their colour coded teams and eagerly waiting for their planned activities.

After brief introductions the Investec staff were assigned to various teams and spent the rest of the morning either engaging with the children; planting trees with Greenpop or painting the veranda with colourful tones of paint. The Mural Maniac made magic once again and the day ended with a lovely handover of mattresses; carpeting; a Trellidor safety gate installation; 10 x trees; 2 large terracotta pots with bright flowers and a large veranda artistically covered with stunning educational murals.

The team left after presenting all the children with a lunch pack, feeling very fulfilled and grateful to have been partners in uplifting this very well run facility, thanks to Felicity, the principal, and her team of teachers. Hope you all liked the little gift

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