Sponsor : Solethu Energy

Noncedo Educare Centre (Mfuleni)

Friday 28th November 2014

Staff from Solethu Energy arrived on mass, clothed in bright green vests proudly displaying their company name.

After briefly walking through the property cleaning up the litter they were briefed about Newkidz on the Block, what we do and why we do it.

Theo, the Mural Maniac, gave them all a brief lesson on mural painting, the do’s and don’ts and soon they were put to their various tasks. The inside vibrecrete walls of the Educare were transformed from a monotone bland wall to a bright vibrant and educational scene.

Working in the blistering heat, it was evident that there was a nice team spirit as they spurred one another on with jokes and encouragement.

They finished the project by painting the name of the educare on the outside of the wall and cleaning up weeds and rubble around the educare.

It was a stunning morning together – Thank you Solethu