SPONSOR: Investec Property Finance Team

Photographer: Janine Lessing

Friday 7th February 2014

It was once again a privilege for Newkidz on the Block to partner with Investec and this time, in celebration of our 50th project!

Siphamandla EduCare in Crossroads was chosen as the beneficiary of choice as Investec  had previously invested funds into the upgrade of this Educare and now this centre was in need of some touch up maintenance work.

With only half a day available and 18 staff members it was astounding to see how much work was achieved.

GreenPop participated in the morning activities with half of the Investec team under their wing as they planted 10 trees on the property of the Educare. 10 little Grade R children joined in and this proved to be great fun!

While the outside team was busy, the remaining 9 members of the team got to work immediately after the briefing and started painting the interior of the main room; the baby room as well as the toddler room. Shelves and a toy box were painted in bright primary colours. All the perimeter tyres on the playground were painted in primary colours and touch up paint work was also done to the exterior of the building.

The curtains were washed beforehand and re-hung neatly; door handles were fitted; broken light fittings replaced; new window catches fitted; shelves were secured; toilets were fixed and new toilet seats fitted; toilet floors painted and a new washbasin / cupboard was installed in the main classroom.

The children returned to a table laden with beautifully decorated cupcakes and cool drink, supplied by Investec.

The manager, Virginia; her staff members and a member of their board all conveyed their appreciation for the work accomplished. Newkidz on the Block will remain in touch with this centre and a representative from our organization will offer a hygiene and maintenance plan to the staff as we noticed that this is a need.

It proved yet again that when many people rally together to help a cause, so much can be achieved in such a short space of time J.

Thank you Investec  for partnering with Newkidz on the Block in this historical event, for our organization, as we continue to improve the living conditions of orphaned and vulnerable children in our city and in so doing, have the opportunity to create awareness of the need and the joy of hosting, fostering & adopting children.