11th April 2014

A team of 13 Ackermans staff members from the Boland district arrived bright and early on Friday morning at Sisters Incorporated to help with some general maintenance work.

On arrival, Linda, the Director of this Home, gave the volunteers a short introduction to the services that Sisters Incorporated offers to abused women & their children, after which they were given a tour of the centre. This made a huge impression on the volunteers.

Despite the weather being extremely hot on this day this group of staff pulled out all the stops. They achieved the following, with a lot of laughter and banter amongst each other, which made the day so much more fun:

        • Raked the play area near the garden
        • Sanded & painted the existing old wooden play structure
        • Cleared out the gutters around the office area
        • Cleared out the gutters of both stage 2 houses
        • Cleared the leaves off the roof of the stage 2 house
        • Cleaned the back area of stage 2 house, which filled a long-wheeled trucks with 2 full loads
        • Cleared out all the loose bricks in the washing line area
        • Pulled out all the weeds in the washing line area
        • Swept and cleaned the washing line area
        • Put up shelf in the crèche toilet area
        • Painted the changing shelf & the new shelf white
        • Helped with sorting & packing of clothing
        • Painted the palisade fence of the crèche to look like pencils

Before the team left at 15h00 when all of this work had been completed and everyone was exhausted from the heat and ready to put their feet up, an Ackermans representative handed over a gift voucher to the value of R1500.00 for groceries to Linda.

It was an awesome day that will not easily be forgotten and from the NEWKIDZ side it was a privilege to work with such a great group of people who worked diligently and held Ackermans name high.


 19th MAY 2014 

A second team of Ackermans staff members, from the Southern Suburb district, arrived all enthusiastic and ready to help Sisters Incorporated, a Home for abused women & their children in Kenilworth, with a long list of general outdoor work.

The team was warmly welcomed by Newkidz, following which, Bernadette, a representative from Sisters Incorporated, gave a short introduction to the services that Sisters Incorporated offer, after which the Ackerman’s staff members were taken on a tour of the centre. This made a huge impression on the volunteers. The list was long but this team quickly got going and like their previous colleagues, who had volunteered their time on the 11th April, their standard of workmanship was extremely high. Their work was done with great pride and it was evident that they these Ackermans employees were serious about the service they offered. By the end of the day the following jobs had been accomplished: