March 2015

Samora Machel Educare Centres

4 Visitors to South Africa raised sufficient money and gave two days of their holiday to help the community of Samora Machel.
In just 2 days, 4 Early Childhood Development Centres were improved. You might say that that was not possible but it was … have a look!

  •  Noma’s Baby Centre
  •  Lusanda Educare
  •  Forever Educare
  •  Christian Centre Educare

Apart from doing much needed painting work and beautifying the centres with stunning murals; so much more was given i.e.

• Educational toys
• Rolls of paper for the children to draw on
• New curtains & curtain rods installed
• Gifts for the staff
• Snack bars to each centre
• Hooks for the children’s coats
• New signage for the outside of the centre
• Baby bottle sterilizer kits
• Money for groceries
• Carpets and door mats
• Towelling mattress covers
• And a large wooden play structure was varnished
Yes, in just two days, the educational environment of 265 children under the age of 6 years, residing in the Samora Machel township area, was improved.
It was such fun working with you Ana, Renata, Ashley and Carolyn! You ladies are amazing!!!

Thank you to everyone who supported them via the GivenGain website and last but definitely not least, a big thank you to Chris (from Hands Up Holidays) for choosing Newkidz on the Block.