Sponsor: Airports Company SA

Lidinga Educare Centre

 17th July 2015

Friday the 17th July was a true “Cape of Storms” day but this didn’t scare a team of Airports Company SA employees who braved the weather to help improve Sindiswa’s centre.

A considerable amount of work was completed prior to this date but on the day, it was the cherry on the top and the Lidinga Educare looked completely transformed.

Airports Company SA is proud of their investment into this well managed Educare that cares for 42 children between the ages of 0 and 5. The improvements accomplished will aid this centre to be registered, which was the ultimate aim.

To share the extent of the work done, please read here below:

  • Paint inside and outside of crèche
  • Flooring – good quality vinyl
  • Educational toys, books, posters, stationery
  • Play items for the babies
  • Plastic tables and chairs
  • Shelving / book shelf
  • Railing for children’s bags and jackets
  • Kitchenette including plumbing
  • Mini office with couch
  • Curtains
  • Mattresses
  • Blankets
  • Install electricity
  • Astro turf in the back play area
  • Varnish jungle gym
  • Clear out back area
  • Replaced shack with a large wooden Wendy House
  • Repair 2 windows
  • Install shade roofing in front of main crèche door
  • Burglar bar on outside of crèche window
  • Paint front section black for riding scooters (5) and road signs
  • 2 large loose carpets
  • Installed wash basins in bathroom
  • Outing for the children

Well done Airports Company SA for “paying it forward” by planting good seeds into the lives of the youth in the community of Philippi.