Wilde Ganzen – Global Exploration Groups

Steinthal Children’s Home (Tulbagh)

22nd July – 30th July 2015

Newkidz on the Block’s mission is to create awareness and support of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa. It was our privilege to propose that the 2015 Global Exploration teams invest their time and funding into the Steinthal Children’s Home, in Tulbagh.

The exterior of the Children’s Home was last painted 25 years ago and because this is a large establishment, accommodating 150 children, with the help of two energetic back-to-back teams from Stella Maris (37 students and teachers) & Bernadinus College (36 students & teachers) in the Netherlands, most of this work was completed.

Not only was the paintwork done but funds were also allocated to the purchasing and installation of a large pitched roofed 9m x 3m wooden structure as a recreation / study area for the older girls. Improvements to the bathrooms were also on this Home’s priority list and because of the Global Exploration’s investment; it was possible for this to be accomplished too.

Despite it being the middle of winter here in South Africa, the pro-active teachers and willing students made it a pleasure to work with.

Ultimately for Newkidz on the Block 73 people from abroad now know about Steinthal Children’s Home and can return as ambassadors for this Home and it’s children.