Percy Bartley House – Woodstock

14th January 2016
Investec Asset Management Community Project

Our sincere thanks go to the staff from Investec Asset Management who painted the entire front perimeter wall of the Percy Bartley House in Woodstock in approximately 1½ hours when they took time out of their ”Quality Offsite 2016” conference.

This was one of the maintenance jobs on this Homes to-do list so they were extremely grateful that this could be ticked off.

The 14th January was a typical windy Cape Town South Easter day and residents in the Woodstock area know only too well that when she blows, you have to hold onto your hat so the volunteers had their work cut out for them.

Percy Bartley House is situated in Woodstock, is registered as a non profit organisation with the capacity to accommodate 25 young men between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years. The boys are often referred to Percy Bartley House by the children’s court. Many of these boys come from the streets, dysfunctional families, and often neglected.

A special word of appreciation goes to Clear Solutions for their sponsorship in the printing of the Home’s new sign board. Many thanks Gavin & your team!

Ultimately, this project is to create awareness & support of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa – which is exactly what we are doing.

Visit there website :