Come one, Come all educare is situated in the Vrygrond community of Muizenburg.

This area is one where housing is inadequate, drug abuse is rife and crime is prolific. Come one, come all educare aims to serve this community by providing care and education to 65 children whose households can barely, if at all, afford the minimum fees. The educare was started by the principal Nicolette Lillieveld, who is doing an unbelievable job for the community.

Come one, come all caters for children between 2 – 6 years of age. They currently have 65 children in the main house. Nikki is a resourceful women with a big heart and managed to raise the necessary funds to build on an extra section to her property to accommodate the children that she educates, however they did not have enough funds to complete this area. With the help of Shoprite – Newkidz was able to complete the roof, ceiling, walls, plumbing, painting and tiling. We installed new window frames and panes. The new classroom is complete!

With all the work that has been done, True North is now able to assist her in the registration process. This intervention will enable Nikki to get registered with the department of social development. DSD will then give her a grant for 12 children, totalling around R3800 of extra income each month. This will add to her sustainability as well as the future development of Come one and Come all educare.

The cement floor was tiled and the walls painted. New toilets were added for the children as well as doors. The cement floor was tiled and the walls painted It was extremely rewarding to see our goal reached for this educare. In addition to everything Shoprite had given Nicki, Newkidz was able to give the front of her house a new look as well.

A BIG THANK YOU to SHOPRITE for this incredible impact on the lives of so many children.