St Francis Boys Home is situated in Athlone.

They take care of 48 boys from the ages of 6 – 18.  All have been removed from their dysfunctional and often abusive families.

St Francis, like with most orphanages and places of safety for abandoned and abused children, the homes and facilities are in poor condition due to lack of finances and minimal helping hands.

Newkidz on the block & Global exploration joined forces and conducted an extreme makeover for St Francis boys home. The boy’s rooms were in desperate need of a paint as well as new bedding and curtains! We gave each room a color feature wall to brighten up the space!

The Global students worked extremely well and managed to give the upstairs corridors a new lick of paint as well. Each boy was welcomed back into their new space and was greeted with their very own new bath towel on their bed. The end result was a fresh and uplifting environment for the children!

Thank you for all the hard work…

The global exploration group stayed at St Francis for 6 nights, they worked each morning for around 5-6 hours to complete this makeover! They entertained and interacted with the boys, which was a huge success!! The boys thoroughly enjoyed their time with the students!!