Durbanville Children’s Home care for 144 orphaned and vulnerable children from the surrounding areas.

The home celebrated their 100th year in Durbanville this year. Newkidz along with two groups of students renovated the Activity Centre as well as four communal bathrooms.

We once again had the privilege of working with the Global Exploration Teams for the 6th consecutive year. This year we renovated parts of Durbanville Children’s Home.

We gave the activity centre including the toilets and patio area a complete make-over. We repainted the walls, which were lime green and in a bad way, a lovely neutral grey and redid the flooring in a matching charcoal grey. The students once again proved that they are hardworking and completed the activity centre way ahead of time. With the extra time on hand they painted a wall at the entrance of the home as well as the outside furniture under the trees, which all needed a little TLC and which definitely increased the impact made at the home.

Newkidz employed contractors to refurbish the baths in the communal bathrooms as they were well worn and unsightly. We also converted the old taps into mixer taps with shower extensions. We installed shower rails and curtains so that the baths can now be used as showers and can contribute to the homes efforts to save water. The students gave these bathrooms a fresh coat of paint too.

Again this project was a real success and dignity was restored to the most vulnerable. Thank you Global Exploration for your continues commitment and support for the vulnerable children of South Africa. We appreciate you! Together One World!