Thabong Daily Care is an ECD Centre situated in Asanda Village in Strand and run by Ms Anastasia Madikane.

Anastasia has converted part of her home into an ECD centre to provide a safe learning environment for 70 children from the surrounding community. Not only does she care for them, but she also feeds them 2 meals a day and with limited resources gives them the best possible education too.

This ECD is in an impoverished area and therefore charge minimal school fees. Investec approached Newkidz to partner with them for a Winter Warmer Initiative. It was discovered that the ECD had a great need for mattresses and warm blankets for the children. As the ECD did not have enough mattresses, some of the children were sleeping at their tables with their heads on the desk as the floor is too cold in the winter.

Investec sponsored 50 mattresses, 70 warm polar fleece blankets and 70 pillows. Now each and every child at Thabong Daily Care has a warm and comfortable bed to sleep on at nap times.

THANK-YOU INVESTEC for investing back in the communities and providing hope and dignity to the vulnerable children of the Western Cape. Newkidz is honoured and proud to work alongside you.