2 Oceans Fundraising

Edeline Mutize and others at the local organisation called Newkidz on the Block, have taken it upon themselves to ensure that hope is kept alive for over 3.5 million orphans in South Africa. In a bid to create awareness of the orphan and vulnerable children crisis in the country, Edeline is taking on a number of extreme challenges to spread the message to ordinary citizens and encourage people to act.


On the 19th of April, Edeline will be taking on the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon back to back – for a second time

The challenge for Edeline this year is to try and do the 112km in 12 hours or less

A long distance runner who never backs down from a challenge where it stands to benefit others, Edeline is determined to use her physical abilities to improve the plight of orphans. Over and above encouraging families and individuals to foster, host and adopt children, the run is also aimed at raising funds towards Newkidz on the Block’s makeover projects for the year 2014. Through extreme makeovers of children’s homes and facilities for vulnerable children, Newkidz on the Block endeavours to ensure that where children cannot be adopted right away, they live in safe pleasant and cosy environments.

According to Hilda de Beer CEO from Newkidz on the Block, “Our philosophy is that there is no such thing as an unwanted child, just an unfound family. My hope is to see many children find loving homes through this initiative, or at least live in a place that is as close to home as possible.”

Edeline is inviting members of the public to join her on this epic journey that will change lives.

Edeline “Whether you decide to run alongside me for a few meters, or you put up your hand to host a child for a weekend. Whether you decide to take the long shot and adopt, or give financially towards one of our makeover projects. Whether you simply cheer or say a little prayer from home or along the road, your support would mean the world to me…just do something ”, says Edeline.

Taking lessons from last years’ back to back Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, Edeline hopes that this year, will see more children being placed in loving homes through adoptions, fostering and being exposed to stable family units through weekend visits outside orphanages.


 Watch this video that was aired on T.V.