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Lynne Haefele


Lynne comes to us with 15 years’ experience in the building industry, where she worked with her husband, managing the finance, administration and tendering processes. She comes with both an accounting and business management qualification. The combination of her experience, qualifications and great love of children makes her well qualified for the project management side as well as the administration and financial side of the organisation. Lynne’s work in planning, coordinating and organizing of the complex makeover projects as well as taking care of the large volume of day-to-day administrative tasks, has ensured the maximum benefit to all Newkidz beneficiaries.

Lynne and her husband, David, have 3 beautiful daughters aged 16, 10 & 8.

Lynne’s heart is to see that all children living and learning in vulnerable and impoverished areas have access to facilities that are well maintained, safe, clean, warm and secure, so that they may live and learn in a place where they feel safe and secure with dignity.


Stacey Quinton

Project manager

Stacey has been volunteering in the community for 14 years in most of her spare time and has always had a heart for children. She strongly believes in trying to improve the lives of those from disadvantaged backgrounds in one way or another.

She had co-owned and run a successful diamond business for 9 years and then decided to go into the non-profit sector full time. Her entrepreneurial skills, vibrant personality and passion for the community make her a great candidate for her Newkidz Project Management role.


Shirley Samie

Warehouse Manager

Shirley’s knowledge and background in construction and on site supervisory skills make her a valuable member of the volunteer family at Newkidz. Since 1973 she has held multiple administrative and managerial positions, and even taught English to children at Sony International, Nagasaki, Japan.  In 1999, due to the ill health of her late husband, Shirley began to assist with his carpentry business.  This further increased her skill base as she assisted with ordering materials for various sites, being present on site, supervising and ensuring quality control of the work being done.  Since 2009 Shirley has been unable to work full time due to her own illness, however this has not affected her generous heart.  She has stepped into the role of Newkidz warehouse manager in charge of receiving donations and distribution of the same, and attends most makeovers as a team leader.



Hilda de Beer


As co-founder of Newkidz on the Block, Hilda’s brings years of experience in finance and administration as well as her time as manager of the Masigcine Children’s Home to the general management of Newkidz. With insights into both the project management side of an organization, as well the incredibly personal side of caring for orphans in children’s homes, Hilda’s work in planning, coordinating and organizing of the complex makeover projects as well as taking care of the large volume of day-to-day administrative tasks, has ensured the maximum benefit to all Newkidz beneficiaries, especially the children supported. Hilda and her husband, Michael, adopted their son as a result of the very first project they were involved in with Newkidz. At the end of 2013 they fostered an 8-year old beautiful little girl, who they are now in the process of adopting. In 2016 their family grew again with the addition of a 4-year old little girl. They are also host parents to two teenage girls at the Heatherdale Children’s Home in Athlone. They recognize that the makeover projects provide real opportunities for similar success stories for other children and families, believing that “there is no such thing as an unwanted child, just an unfound family”.


Venessa Nolan

Vice Chairperson

Venessa’s years of experience as a freelance Digital Engagement Officer (DEO) and passion for social media networking and online marketing, ensure that as Vice Chairperson, she plays more than just a leadership and management role. Venessa’s warm, engaging and friendly nature is apparent across all online and social media platforms, as she takes responsibility for recruiting of volunteers, activists and donors, as well as marketing, public relations and otherwise guiding the social media presence of Newkidz on the Block. Venessa also works closely with Newkidz activists, supporting them in the use of the GivenGain portal, and creating online awareness for projects. In addition to engaging and communicating, Venessa also coordinates the monitoring, filtering and analysis of the social media platforms.


Peter Hendricks

Board Member

A qualified principal attorney, Peter has knowledge, skills and experience in both governance of social/non-profit enterprises (NPOs) and law. In addition to his knowledge of various areas of the law, he also has experience in research, facilitation and training. Peter has authored various resource material titles which include “Effective Governance for Non-profit Boards”, a concise guide to the Non-profit Organisations Act 71 of 1997. He has also served as a co-researcher in a study entitled “Governance Practices of National Non-profit Bodies and National Networks”. Peter’s vast theoretical knowledge, coupled with practical experience with civil society organisations and insight into legal matters gained from his professional practice, assist with ensuring that effective governance is practiced at Newkidz at all times.