Tekkie Tax 2017


15 National welfare organisations have come together for one BIG national fundraising campaign called: Tekkie Tax day. Altogether they represent more than 1 000 NGOs all over the country – and Newkidz on the Block is one of them this year! Newkidz is an organisation that does extreme makeovers of children’s facilities to create awareness and support of orphans; vulnerable and destitute children in South Africa, in the hope that many of them will be integrated into loving family homes.

This year we will have Tekkie Tax day on Friday 26th of May. Members of the public are asked to get a Tekkie Tax sticker for a R10 donation. There are 5 different stickers, each representing a beneficiary sector.
Depending on where your heart lies, you can choose which of the 5 sectors you would like to support when buying your sticker/s (and YES, you may choose more than one).

Tekkie Tax options
Animals | Basic Family Care | Children | Disability| Education

Participants will show their support by wearing the stickers and their tekkies on Friday, 26th May 2017. If they want to walk the extra mile, there are also special shoelaces called “Tekkie Tags”(R35) available to ensure that all tekkies are proud to be seen in public.

Our request is that you will grant permission for your staff or scholars to participate in this worthy project. Staff/Scholars/teachers are usually eager to participate but are hesitant if permission has not been granted. All we ask is your PERMISSION and the name of a CONTACT PERSON with whom we can liaise in order to supply the stickers, shoelaces and some free publicity material, like posters etc.
If you are interested in participating in the Tekkie Tax campaign please complete the form on this page and contact Newkidz on (021) 9815425 or alternatively send an email to Lynne@newkidz.org.za to order your stickers/shoe laces and to receive additional information.

Please indicate the approximate number of stickers and shoe laces that your school will require.