The Toy Story Initiative for 2012 is now complete and we have great pleasure in reporting the final figures.

Toy story initiativeThere are thousands of children in Cape Town and the surrounding areas that are underprivileged, orphaned, or both. The various NGOs and crèches do what they can to take care of them, but the little money they have goes towards necessities, like food, clothes, and medical care. These are all things that the kids need – but sometimes we forget that something as small as having a toy of their own can make a world of difference in a child’s life.

Their story isn’t always a happy one – but Heart 104.9FM, Game and New Kidz on the Block, teamed up in Nov, and Dec 2012 for the Toy Story Initiative.

It gives us great pleasure to report the statistics on the Toy Story Initiative

Total number of toys collected:

3164 (our target was 2459)

Total number of facilities that have been included in this campaign:

46 (our target was 40) which consisted of:

Children’s Homes: 8

  • EduCares:18
  • Foster Families: 2
  • Facilities for disabled children: 3
  • Community based projects (after care / soup kitchens / centres):  9
  • Shelters: 3
  • Schools: 2
  • Hospital: 1

Total number of children touched by this initiative:

2853 (our target was 2459)

Some of the toys collected for the Toy Story Initiative were second hand ones which were either broken or dirty and we felt were not of the standard to distribute for this occasion. We will however see which can be salvaged and will distribute to EduCares that we assist.

Thank you once again for giving the Newkidz on the block team the privilege to witness the smiles on the children’s faces – priceless!