As the work we do grows, we also need to grow the organisation, so that the difference we make to the children we reach continues to be the biggest and most meaningful possible.

Whether it is fundraising, makeover project management, typing letters, graphic design, capturing information, procurement, photography, or assisting with parking management at a project (and everything else in between!), we have a place for you to give back with your skills and talents.

We continuously review our objectives and plans to identify the skills we need to make them a reality. Through our volunteer family we are blessed to be able to fulfill our need for skilled people and thus fulfill our objectives, and we are very grateful to have you as a member of that family.

By registering your interest with Newkidz, your details and skills have been added to our database. We also make note of how much time you are able to volunteer.

When we do weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual planning – for projects and other operations – we consider the skills needed for every activity. We then review our volunteer database, and identify the people whose skills will contribute to the success of that activity.

If you have the skill we need at that time, you will get a call or email from the CEO (Hilda) or a member of the Board to tell you about the specific need we have and confirm whether you are able and available to offer your skills to us as needed.  If you are able to assist, we will work together with you to tackle what needs to be done.

Thank you so much for being willing to get involved and make a difference for the over 3 000 000 orphans in S.A.! We need more generous, caring people like you.